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MediaHack is your one-stop shop for rapid Social Media growth

MediaHack is your one-stop shop for rapid Social Media growth

We offer whitelisted agency Ad accounts, starting from 10 000 USD monthly media spend, for lead generation, e-commerce, trading apps, or mainstream dating. With us you can forget about Ad spending limits, bans, lots of cards to manage or farming Ad accounts. You can now focus on generating good traffic and building a solid structure for your Ad accounts that helps you grow rapidly.

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Rent an enterprise level Ad account with direct access to representatives and no spending limits. Grow your Social Media reach in Facebook, Instagram & Co. with no limits! 

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Get ahead of your competitors with TikTok Ads. Pick up on trends and reach Gen Z buyers with our whitelisted Agency Accounts  with direct access to representatives and no spending limits. With a 10K media budget you will get an extra performance team to create your individual TikTok strategy – without any extra expenses. 

Not sure if TikTok is a place for your company? We can tell, if your niche is supported and what companies similar to you have already achieved. Contact us for more!

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We offer active Google Ads management as well as provide you with stable Google Ad accounts with passive management. Either way we provide exclusive compliance service which means we will be assisting you to make your advertising assets compliant for Google.

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In addition to Meta, Tiktok and Google we can also help with Spotify, Snapchat, Outbrain, LinkedIn and Quora agency accounts and expertize for your better performance. Reach out to learn more!

About Mediahack

We are a performance marketing solution company who enables brands to grow rapidly on various Social Media platforms.

We have 5+ years experience in performance marketing and manage 6-figure ad spends as our daily business. We have forged strong relationships with the key players on the market and hacked the system to provide you with a bulletproof performance marketing service.

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What our clients & partners say

Mediahack is truly an amazing partner in every possible way. Their team is extremely responsible, reliable and fully on point at any given time of the day. They are true experts as a professional FB partner, with a limitless growth potential.

Zoe Zuo, Business Manager, Idvert Group Limited

I have been working with the active members of Mediahack for almost a year now. They have been reliable, professional and fast with the tasks at hand. I am happy to recommend them as a good partner!

Kaspar Karik, Founder & CEO of Silva Hunt

Mediahack is a professional and very reliable partner. Problems are tackled quickly and efficiently. We will definitely keep our cooperation.

Anne Theisen / Co-Founder of ÖselBirch

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